Anshul Khetarpal Redding CA – An Entrepreneurial Spirit

28 Dec

Anshul Khetarpal is a Vice President of Business Development at a biotechnical company in Redding CA, where he has become a sales pioneer in Durable Medical Equipment.

Anshul Khetarpal Redding CA

He began showing an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. It is said that entrepreneurs are born, not raised, and Anshul Khetarpal seems to bear out this maxim. Everyone is born with some kind of unique skill, and there are some characteristics that simply cannot be taught.

The entrepreneurial spirit is demonstrated in people with a genuine passion for building something new and great, and for doing it on their own, from nothing. They are willing to do what it takes to make their ideas a reality. There are five broad indicators that show the entrepreneurial spirit is alive in someone.

  1. Such people are in tune with their passions. They know what it is that draws them and are enthusiastic about it. It is a passion that gets the attention of employers.
  2. They are seldom satisfied with the way things are, because by nature they look to improve what is around them. The average person usually doesn’t consider how ordinary things can be made better.
  3. They are optimistic about their ideas. They don’t think about limitations; instead they find ways to make things happen.
  4. They take calculated risks. That doesn’t mean they do things recklessly. They understand that there are no guarantees in life, but that no one ever advanced by not taking chance.
  5. They act on their ideas. The ideas may be untested – in fact, they probably are untested – but people with an entrepreneurial spirit are going to execute their ideas.

Anshul Khetarpal Shasta County has always had excellent entrepreneurial instincts.


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